We all have a story to tell.

Get ahead in applications and interviews by telling your story with confidence. Make the most of Your Warwick Journey: draw together your experiences in MyPortfolio and create your own narrative.

Understand Your Personal Journey


Get ahead by collecting evidence from skills learnt through your study, work & activities


It is not sufficient simply to have an experience in order to learn. Without taking the time to understand and capture your experiences it may quickly be forgotten, or its learning potential lost.


Gain better value from your course, activities and work experience. Your learning, from your experiences are what allow new situations to be tackled effectively and questions to be answered confidently.


Reflection can enhance your studies and help you understand how your degree can boost your employability.  Whilst playing sports has helped you develop yourself and your skills along with the other Wide range of Work Experiences that you can learn from. Such as working at the Warwick Arts Centre or a WUIP Internship or over 8000 other opportunities available through The Experience Pool .


Ask yourself these questions to maximise the value from your activities ensuring that you capture the evidence of your Skills and attributes that employers want along with the insights into your strength and preferences.


There are many places to capture this but MyPortfolio is one accessible place to keep all of your evidence of Study, Club, Society and Work Experience Activity (with the added benefit of be able to build and participate in groups and communities).


Have you ever:

  • Taken personality and psychometric tests that have given you interesting results about yourself and then not known how to take it further? 
  • Taken lots of tests or quizzes but cannot remember the outcomes so not sure about your progression? 
  • Had a really interesting day on work experience where everything was enjoyable and you want to remember why, so you can look for these things in the future?
  • Experienced a placement where many things did not go right for you and you want to work out how to avoid these things in the future?
  • Been really affected by a seminar topic which has raised questions for you and you want to explore more?
  • Benefited from a productive Personal Tutoring session and want to capture your action/ achievements?
  • Organised a society event and wanted to capture how you used your organisation, leadership and communication skills?


Reflecting and capturing these thoughts can help you with all of these things allowing you to be a successful scholar and an Employable Graduate so start today. 

MyPortfolio - We all have a story to tell


MyPortfolio is one way to make the most of your Warwick Journey by capturing experiences and reflecting on learning, enabling you to tell your story & feel more confident in applications & Interviews


  • One place to keep evidence of all your of study, society and work experience activity
  • Capture your reflection to understand your personal journey
  • Safely develop your personal brand and digital persona
  • Powerful digital presentation tool you can tailor to different audiences
  • Build and participate in online groups and communities

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