A Student Friendly Guide to MyPortfolio


This student friendly guide was
produced by Kritz Yeoh during his time
as a Warwick University Intern in the
ITS department, Summer 2014.

Welcome to MyPortfolio

Hello there, fellow student! MyPortfolio (Mahara)is a platform where you could create an ePortfolio. It's suitable for both academic and personal use and you get to control who is able to view your content! 

What you could do with this tool:

  • Write journals
  • Create your CV
  • Create to-do lists
  • Create pages to be shared with the option of incorporating the elements mentioned above

These pages could be anything from a summary of a research project you did to a step-by-step guide of baking the ultimate cheesecake!



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Getting started

Go to mahara.warwick.ac.uk and log in with your student ID and password.


Now you will find yourself on your Dashboard. 

And you are in! Now you could either mess around with MyPortfolio and come back here when you are stumped or go through the entire user guide. Click on the tabs on the top of the page to find out more about each main section (Dashboard, Content, Portfolio and Groups) of Mahara or go straight to Creating a page.



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