Awarded November 2013

Contextual statement.

An award winning teacher with a wealth of expertise in online delivery and a good understanding of assessment issues in language learning. I am a dynamic self-starter who enjoys taking the initiative and works well with others. Experienced in education management and course design in secondary and higher education.

I am employed currently as Principal Teaching Fellow in the Language Centre and my responsibilities include the strategic direction of technology deployment for language teaching.  My recent projects include the development of a ground breaking platform for online language learning,Languages@Warwick; the establishment of CPD resources and community building for the professional development of language educators. Since 2010 I have been supported in my projects through a Fellowship to the Institute of Advanced Teaching and Learning. Latest innovative projects I have lead include a successful pilot of an accredited e-portfolio for 100 non-specialist language learners and an international virtual exchange for 500+ students featured in a case study by the EU funded INTENT project. I have extensive experience of the integration of computer-assisted language learning, computer-mediated communication and research in this area in order to find solutions and support student centred pedagogy.


I have excellent language skills in French. I am well-organised and hard working. Proven in project management and revenue generation, I created a successful business language training programme and secured a major corporate client.  I have also gained administrative expertise in HE as programme leader for business language, an activity that had a 300K annual turnover. A career long exponent of the importance of high quality language teaching in the UK, I have been involved with the development of the National Language Standards (now National Occupational Standards), delivered specialist input into the Ofqual Vocational awards review and support the Speak to the Future campaign. I am on the steering committee for the UCML where I hold the office for External Engagement and Communications.

I am an individual member of the Association for Learning Technology. A career long language educator, I have constantly developed and increased my skill base, engaging in regular education and learning opportunities and contributing to my professional community. An early adopter of technology in my teaching, I have continued to lead and support colleagues in finding opportunities to embed technology in their work in order to improve learning outcomes. I undertook this CMALT portfolio in order to evidence the significant professional growth I have achieved in through research in computer assisted language teaching. As increasingly communications, in whatever language, are computer-mediated, I believe it is vital that colleagues are supported in embracing technology use as vital to the experience of language learning. 


 Online learning community participation.

 Through my twitter presence as WarwickLanguage I have a healthy 1,500+ followers and actively connect language educators across sectors. I am an active member of the #globalclassroom network, and #edchat, moderating twitter chats from time to time. I am also an experienced user of an online classroom.

 I am responsible for WarwickLanguage YouTube channel which is used to provide technical support for our staff. I also curate several topics on to amplify the voice of the language community including the topics Speak to the Future and Computer Mediated Communication. In my role for UCML I maintain a Facebook page.

 I maintain a professional identity in LinkedInSlidesharegoogle+ (profteresamac) netvibes and

Employment history

Teacher of French, Kenilworth School at Warwickshire County Council

1984 - 1986

1986 - 1989

In charge of large department, created liaison strategy with feeder schools to ensure continuity of french learning from primary to secondary phases. Implemented computer assisted learning using GRASS database for oral simulations and Granville CD ROM.

1989 - 1992

Leadership of all language delivery, maintained uptake levels of GCSE in languages.

1992 - 1993

(when first child was small) Part-time teacher of French and Spanish (0.7) at Heart of England School, Balsall Common

1993 - 1999

Whilst my children were very young I chose to work part-time to balance my family commitments with my work. During these posts I contributed fully to school life, leading lunchtime activities and organising trips to France. During 1999 I started to teach as a evening tutor and a business tutor at the Language Centre, University of Warwick. Part-time (0.8) teacher of French (CPS +1) with responsibility for the introduction of the Certificate of Achievement

2000 - 2007

Teaching Intermediate French; Developing business Language programme, creating tailored language courses for businesses.

2007 - 2008

Full time, business turning over £300,000 p.a.

2008 - present

Responsible for mainstreaming the use of technology in language teaching and developing language teaching pedagogy.


Evidence against CMALT criteria.

Teresa MacKinnon

Principal Teaching Fellow, Senior Fellow of Higher Education Academy, Founding Fellow of Warwick International Higher Education Academy. 

Je suis enseignante de français depuis longtemps. Je suis francophile, internaute et mère de famille. j'habite près de Leamington Spa, mes deux fils sont très vieux maintenant (24 et 27 ans). J'aime le chocolat suisse, la musique et la vie!

My virtual life is now a significant part of my teaching identity. I am a connected educator and enjoy collaborating with others across the world to improve the relevance of education for the future as I believe the challenges to come are some of the biggest faced by humankind. I learn lots from my students.

Créer, c'est vivre deux fois (Camus)

About me.

My networks.

My twitter account.

Education history

French Literature and Language (B.A. (Hons)) at Oxford Polytechnic

1979 - 1983

P.G.C.E. (Post Graduate Certificate of Education) at University of Warwick

1983 - 1984

2005 - 2005

Project based award in e-learning development, lead Jay Dempster.

M.A. in Post Compulsory Education (Master of Arts) at University of Warwick

2008 - 2009

Summative Assessment and Assessment for Learning (Post Graduate Award) at University of Warwick

2010 - 2011

Work skills

Dissemination of developments in language teaching with technology:

  • EUROCALL September 2013

Creating and nurturing a Community of Practice for language teachers in Higher Education.

  • LLAS e-learning symposium January 2013

Exploring the collaborative potential of web 2.0

  • ALT-C12 conference “A confrontation with reality” Manchester Sept. 2012 

Holes in the wall: benefits of computer mediated communication for international language learning.

  • AULC-TLS Sig conference, University of Warwick July 2012

Lost in translation: The path to connecting language teachers and technical support.

  • LLAS Language futures: Languages in Higher Education conference Edinburgh July 2012

Using the virtual now to create real language communication skills for the future.

  • Blackboard Teaching and Learning Conference, Antwerp May 2012

Giving Learners a voice: challenges and benefits of creating communities of language learners using CMC.

  • Virtual presentation at Edulearn11 Barcelona

Towards best practice for use of computer mediated communication in virtual learning environments.

  • AULC conference January 2011 University of Warwick

Voice over the internet: updates on practitioner case studies

  • AULC Conference January 2010University of Exeter:

Presentation of voice over the internet – practitioner experiences

  • Wimba Connect March 2010 Florida, USA

Expert Panel presenter on wimba voice, presenting online in live classroom.

  • ALT conference September 2010UniversityofNottingham

Submission of short paper on user perspectives of voice tools