Nat Rodrigues' APP PGR e-portfolio COPY

Portfolio checklist v.2

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Portfolio Development Plan

Name   Nat Das Neves Rodrigues
Department and contact details Chemistry Department
Mentor name and contact details Russ Kitson, Chemistry Department,
Observation of an experienced colleague
(Name and date)

Prof. Mark Rodger (18/11/2016)

Dr. Daniel Murdock (18/05/2017)

Observation by a mentor
(Name and date)

Dr. Russ Kitson (17/11/2016)

Prof. Mark Rodger (29/11/2016)

Sara Hattersley (08/02/2017) 

Narrative of Professional Practice  

Progress Tracking Sheet

Workshop Date booked  Attended
1. Introduction, Teaching Philosophy and Reflective Practice 11/10/2016 26/10/2016
2. Enhancing skills in Large and Small Group Teaching 11/10/2016 01/12/2016 
3. Planning for Learning, and Assessment and Feedback 11/10/2016  15/01/2017 
4. Inclusive Teaching, Learning, Resources and Approaches 11/10/2016  18/01/2017 
Free choice workshop 1: Exploring Teaching Spaces 20/01/2017
Free choice workshop 2:  Motivating Students Outside the Classroom 07/02/2017 
Free choice workshop 3:  Assessing Student Groups 02/06/2017 
Substitution/other workshops:

Re-imagining Assessment and Feedback

Internationalisation and the Student Experience: Upping Our Game!







Assessed work and additional evidence

  Date completed
Teaching philosophy statement  28/05/2017
Teaching Observations  18/05/2017
Narrative of Professional Practice  21/06/2017
Self-assessment against UKPSF  28/05/2017
Reflective practice inc. action plan  20/06/2017


Overall feedback on PDP (including grade)