Privacy & Sharing

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Privacy & Dashboard

All of your content in MyPortfolio is private by default, the only exception is your Profile page. 

The front page dashboard view gives a view of your pages and other shared pages you can view.

"My portfolios (previously "MyPages"): This displays your pages in alphabetical order.

"Latest changes I can view" (previously "Latest Pages"): This displays recently updated pages that you have permission to view, including your own most recently edited pages. Permission is granted to view by the owner of the page. This is done by the owner sharing directly with you or by sharing with all users, or even making the page public. Your pages will not be shared with other users unless you change the sharing permission.



Please take care when sharing MyPortfolio pages. 

Remember if you share any page(s) with all logged in users then all 7000+ MyPortfolio users could see your content. If you choose to make any of your pages public then anyone from outside of the university will also be able to see your content. An alternative to making content public is to use the Secret URL function, this would mean that only people with the link can see your content. An even safer method of sharing is to share with named individuals. Remember you can also add From and To access dates to any sharing permissions as well.

Think carefully before sharing personal or sensitive information. Sharing with named individuals or known groups is much safer when sharing this type of information.

See here for further information & guidance:


Sharing Advice Document